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Default Re: The Official Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood thread!

Originally Posted by Jonelo View Post
Is a deferred shading engine - there is a interview in a german magazine about this topic - , and I think that the lighting and shadows system is fully dinamic - but without SSAO o volumetric light - . There is some very nice textures , perphas are not with high resolution . Maybe the most ugly is the agressive LOD , the reason of the incredible perfomance , plus the deferred shading and the lack of AA . The game has a selective AA blur for the edges.
Yes, i know about engine. But i'm talking about game, not engine. Major source of lighting (sun) is static. It's not dynamic like in Clear Sky for example, and there's no day-night cycle.

In CS all sources of lights are dynamic, and in combination with volumetric dynamic lights, it's a huge performance killer. For fully dynamic light/shadows system all sources of lights must be dynamic.

Really, that compatibility bit enables SSAA even when I set it to 4x MSAA in nHancer?
As far as i know, Stalker is compatible only with supersampling. I can play Stalker with 2xAA, and it runs fantastic. But with 4xAA performance drop is huge.
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