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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 275, 285 or 295" thread

Originally Posted by Ambrose View Post
Nice dude! I heard those stories too about receiving the overclocked version--I can only hope I'll be as lucky :>

Man, I went with next day shipping so it should be here tomorrow... but tomorrow feels like a long ways off
So did you get our card and how are you liking it? Was yours set at Superclocked speeds out of the box?
I don't have Crysis to run on here but so far I've tried Unreal Tournament 3, Sims 3, COD WAW, Lord of the Rings Online, Cryostasis and Saints Row 2. All of them except Cryostasis play great at 1920x1080 with all settings maxed out. I am running Cryostasis with maxed out settings at 1360x768 and it runs pretty damn smooth at that res. I imagine if I had a separate card just for physx it would help in that game so I could play it smoothly at 1920x1080.
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