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Default Re: Please make > 71.86.07 < 96.0.0 compatible with xorg-server 1.5.x

Well part of my situation will be remedied soon. However I don't think that it is entirely equitable to leave those with the older graphics cards in as a frame buffer only device as the reason that those cards were purchased was for the 3d engines within. All of the distributions are either moving their stable release to use server 1.5.x or newer or already have. Now I do know that the enterprise linux distributions haven't moved completely that direction but they will. Seeing as how the Enterprise versions of Redhat and Suse don't update their packages for years I'm pretty sure that those distributions will move to a much newer version on their next release cycles.

The Geforce 2 generation of cards can still play many of the games that are in Linux. But oh well. I was hoping that the drivers would be updated as that what was posted earlier. So what is the recommended setup for the older cards now?
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