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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 275, 285 or 295" thread

just got a gtx 285. coming from a gtx 260 core 216 superclocked (625/1350/1100). absolutely amazing difference. crysis is smooth as butter maxed out at enthusiast+ custom settings in dx9. only things disabled are pom and depth of field (value 2 is disabled) for personal preference (i hate how blurry the mountains get, and pom necessitates the absence of anisotopic filtering, which makes it more of a visual detractor than benefit) and object based m.blur disabled due to incompatibility with dx9. however despite these handicaps, im running at about 20% more than enthusiast object and vegetation draw distance,25% greater shaow draw distance, and ~12% greater grass draw distance. so far only on the 1st level, but it has dropped only to ~33 in rare cases, and generally stays at ~ 40-44fps. thats at 1050p, with 2-set edgeAA. just absolutely beautiful. im using a personally tweaked ccc 2.21, mostly because the cudaats team don't really know what theyre doing with a few aspects of the cvars. their ao fade dist for instance, and gsm-range are awful eyesores (serious lod ao and shadow pop-in). also it seems that object draw distance is a very minor performance hit.

pm me if you want the tweaked config.

for refernce, in the 2nd half of the 1st level, at the point where ive now dropped to 33 at the lowest, i was pulling about 27, which is a major experiential difference.

rest of rig is i7 920 @ 3.7ghz, 3gb pc-1600 ram (fairly loose timings), and the gtx is running at 699/1592/1301. fairly conservative, but im running stock cooling across all of the components. umm, also, does anyone know how to get nvidia custom desktop gamma settings to stick after full screen app? seems to loose traction, regaining the ramp only after i move the slider a 2nd time. thanks.

this card is really great. btw, my sc core 216 will soon be up for sale for 150 free shipping. if you ever have problems with it, as long as im alive, ill handle the rma for you. this one is a replacement for an older gtx 260 that was a mislabeled core 192 ( had 216 cores enabled, but fairly unstable). this new one is an official core 216 superclocked, part number and label is such, and ill include an sli bridge, and the molex to 6pin converters. pm me for info. i just had shoulder surgery, so i hate typing with one hand and therefore wont post this in a sepeate fs thread for a bit. pictures on request if you need them. heat under pakotlar.

edit2: just wanted to say that with crysis running proprly, one really gets to appreciate its beauty. i just came back from Vail, and its pretty amazing how similar the mountains look in crysis in terms of detail and lighting. the ones who lambast it as poorly coded clearly have no idea what theyre talking about. the game is incredibly well optimized, if only for the natural, responsive control available at sub 30hz rates, and the sheer quality of the entire package on decidedly middle end hardware. with a gtx 260 and a good dual core cpu, you can quite literally experience photo-surrealistic graphics in a relatively boundless environment, with no visual trickery demarcating vistas from playable areas. outside of the fairly rough ssao artifacts, and lack of color bleed, this is a marvellous package. and the physics engine enjoys the absolute best game integratio. battlefield keeps harping about its destructble environments, but outside of terrain deformation, crysis actually delivers the most convincing blow-it-up engine, and maintains a rediculously healthy clip even with ~100-body systems and 4000 run-time iterations.

edit 3: in order to keep my minimum-average (what I drop to in the most intense portions of the level barring some freak many barrel explosion) at 40+, I had to reduce lod to lod_min = 1. this, imo, doesn't affect image quality at all. it makes the vegetatition just a touch more blocky, but imo most of crysis's draw is in the lighting and effects. it isn't noticeable unless you sit and stare and do direct back and forth comparisons, and to me doesn't take much away from the experience. the benefit in frame rate is significant too. so now I have view_dist at 65 (up from enthusiasts 60) detail_dist at 50 (up from 30 in enthus.) and veg_view_dist at 60 (up from 45 for enthusiast). i've just got to solve some minor lod poping (need to push high lod's out a bit further) and the graphics will be pretty much perfect (no popin, and fps on avg between 40 and 60). granted i changed a few things around, like reducing ssao radius from 2 to 1, but those things don't change image quality at all. i've switched back and forth, and you can barely notice any difference, and what you can notice, well its questionable if a greater ss sample area really gives you better image quality. im sure i can mess with it a bit more. but the important parts are there: for the most part the lighting is above enthusiast quality (due to cuddats tweaks of ssao/hdr values) and draw distance is out significantly further (object, sprite, vegetation, and shadows). very minor tradeoffs (no dof on the mountains, shadows not cast on all lods (which imo doesn't make it look worse)).

all in all, I feel like I'm getting a 100% smooth, feels - like 60fps performance now. def. couldn't get that with the gtx 260 216. i'm very pleased with this card. i did not think the difference would be this noticeable.

now i'm sick of crysis, and there really arent any other games out there...
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