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Default Re: LucasArts Reviving Another Old Franchise?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
There's been a small update to this news...

So... maybe they're just announcing that they're going to be doing adventure games again.
That really sends my brain twirling... not a specific IP... old fans will be happy... hmmm.

If they are getting into adventure games again, I don't think they would license Monkey Island out to Telltale... also, it would make more sense for them to make that decision AFTER they see the sales of the new Monkey Island series and remake.

The only guess I have right now is perhaps rereleases of more old games... that would cover multiple IPs and please more fans... a collection of old games on PC maybe, or more remakes on console. Again though, I would think they would wait for sales on MI:SE before deciding that.

I want to know!
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