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Default Re: Upgrade Advice: G92 8800 GTS 512 -> GTX 260 Core 216 -> GTX 275

Originally Posted by BelligerentBill View Post
Naturally I found the one review I missed after I already ordered the card that had the exact information I needed to answer the question I asked here

I'm so glad I ordered the GTX 275 over the core 216
I just got a 285, and after owning the core 216, I'd say the upgrade is definetely worth it. The 275 should be nearly as fast with just an average overclock. Good luck! The difference in Crysis is really great. Let me know if you want my autoexec cfg settings, they are a tweaked versino of ccc 2.21 ultra-6, tweaked for quality (longer draw distances, higher physics settings, better water, better shadow and ambient occlusion draw distances).
edit: performance is way above very high, but settings are much nicer looking. there are some compromises, but in areas you wouldnt notice, and all aspects of draw distance have been improved (ssao fade distance, shadows @ very high for dynamic objects, but about 50% further out for world. things like that.)

edit: tbh I'd go for a OC version of the 4890. I've seen deals with those around ~ 150 and they can compete with the 285 when overclocked (and beat it).

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