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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

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Hvaing played FC2, I wasn't nearly as impressed. Specially concidering GRAW2 was reacionairy PhysX and FC2 was all scriipted with no vairance, very boring.
Havent played GRAW2, but from what I've seen, hardware accelerated physx only makes a convincing argument when discussing soft-body physics, and mainly cloth and other tissue variants. Physx water looks atrocious imo, as does all physics based fluid dynamic in-game simulations right now, probably because the critical density # of simulated bodies to make convincing looking fluid seems to be out of reach without a powerful dedicated physics processor, and maybe some programming inneficiencies (see cryostasis and others) (not to mention the interaction calculations for local systems seem to be very demanding). I loved the nvidia smoke CUDA demos though; if we could get something like that next gen for smoke & fire effects, that would be wonderful. I think FFT water is fine for the next couple iterations.
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