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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 275, 285 or 295" thread

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
So did you get our card and how are you liking it? Was yours set at Superclocked speeds out of the box?
I don't have Crysis to run on here but so far I've tried Unreal Tournament 3, Sims 3, COD WAW, Lord of the Rings Online, Cryostasis and Saints Row 2. All of them except Cryostasis play great at 1920x1080 with all settings maxed out. I am running Cryostasis with maxed out settings at 1360x768 and it runs pretty damn smooth at that res. I imagine if I had a separate card just for physx it would help in that game so I could play it smoothly at 1920x1080.
Yeah, my card came slightly overclocked as well, not by much though. I downloaded nvidia system tools and overclocked it to FTW speed like you did and it seemed to run fine but didn't make any noticeable difference in Crysis (and all my other games already run great, so no point).

For awhile I was a little disappointed because Crysis was still not performing smoothly all the time at 1680 x 1050 (Very High details except shader at high) and then I tried the 186.08 beta drivers which people were recommending and that helped a noticeable amount. Now I'm pretty pleased with how Crysis is running (30-45 fps w/ the aforementioned settings). It does tend to slow down a little bit more when I'm playing deathmatching online. However I think this might be a CPU limitation because if I lower the settings the FPS doesn't change. Too bad I can't overclock my CPU past 3.2 GHz without getting crashes....

I tried the Cryostasis demo and it ran OK. I can't stand how it takes 10 seconds in the beginning of a level for everything to load and meanwhile you're frozen solid (no pun intended).

The other games I've tried: Left 4 Dead (Runs great, but of course), Assassin's Creed (still kinda laggy when running around on the roof tops, but that was with 186.18), Medieval 2 Total War (runs leaps and bounds faster than my 8800 GTX).

I've yet to play Warhead, so I'm probably gonna pick that up pretty soon. But I agree, there needs to be more games!!!
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