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Default Re: Jaunty + 2.6.30rc[4,5,6] = very slow Compiz

Originally Posted by blue100 View Post
Works fine here on 2.6.30 :-). Thanks!
Do you know when this fix will make it to an official (beta/pre)release? Because the packages available on Launchpad in a PPA are built automatically for each kernel, and thus is is easier to switch between kernels. (If I understand correctly, the .run packages from nVidia can only be installed for one kernel at a time.)
You can also include custom patches in dkms.

Inside /usr/src/nvidia-xxx.xx (your nvidia driver version) edit the dkms.conf, with something like this :
PATCH[1]=NVIDIA_kernel-185.18.14-572433.diff (the name of the patch inside the /usr/src/nvidia-xxx.xx/patches directory)
This will ensure that the patch is only applied to 2.6.30 and eg., but not 2.6.31. You can edit it further to make it match better for future kernels.
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