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Default Re: Starcraft II no lan?

the mandibils of restriction due to financial imperative.... tbh it is a blessing that companies are using creative solutions to maximize profitability of their pc-centric titles. i'm very glad we are still seeing pc-centric titles.

pc gaming wil inevitebly go the way of consoles, with tightly monitored, specialized digital clouds restricting and homogenizing the platform. i'm guessing steam-like anti-piracy measures will become standard. good for blizzard for not using this as an excuse for making the 360 the lead platform and giving us Starcraft : C&C 3 or Halo Wars 2.

I'm hoping to see pc and console gaming environments sharing a developnig landscape that is 100% standardized and modular: so those of us with great hardware can mazimize that by choosing more advanced lighting models and better textures, higher-poly/voxel models, while those of us with consoles can choose the [usual] advantages console gaming offers over pc's (plug &play compat., using from couch).

I would love to get to the point where developers develop more with certain interaction interfaces in mind, rather than certain platforms (at least with regards to console vs. pc). so like there is easy keyboard & mouse compat. with consoles, and the game dev knows that they are ok to develop with k&m in mind, because all platforms support that as an option. it will be easier to justify. I absolutely hate to see simplified design due to a frickin control scheme.

the future is not bright for PC-gaming right now because of the giant console figure looming over that industry. but there should be solutions in place down the road which make for a return to pc-centric titles, so us super-geeks can get back to enjoying complex & gritty & highly flexible, powerful titles.

dx:iw2 and thief 3 come to mind as some of the biggest dissapointments in my gaming landscape, (especially thief 3 for the subtle, somewhat slippery, but clear experiential differences and the nagging root-canal feeling that it was due to cross-platform status that this was changed, or that design decision justified).

I am far off topic I know. I also did not read the OP. I hope this is either on point or rallies feeling in your heart.
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