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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
A. Oh yeah, RPGs are definently a different ball game, I played through Titan Quest and its expansion more then once(cant remember if I actually beat it or not though), and ive played through Diablo 2 at least 20 times, and beaten 1 mode at least 5 times(gotten to nightmare about twice), as you can imagine I cant wait for Diablo 3 :P
I also played Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout as different characters, though, they are more of a sandbox which makes it hard to explore every inch on the first run :P

B. I dont remember points in Doom 1..oh wait, yeah at the end of each level, now that you mention it, Duke3d had the same thing, and im pretty sure Quake had it too, not sure about Quake 2 though.

C. Ive been playing the PC version, its pretty damn fun, even just running around the city can be fun for a bit

D. I am the same way, and have a friend who is exactly the same! He hates most RPG computer games, and is currently playing shadowrun(he hates the recent video game of it though, even though its a shooter and not an RPG).
I guess there is always the pen and paper guy though :P
(Ive played in one of his sessions but I couldnt get into it).

As for rogue-likes, someone really needs to take the roguelike system, and build a fully animated game out of it, either Diablo style or Elder Scrolls style, preferably ES style, but itd be much harder to get right.
And if noone else does it, I will do it soon enough, I am getting back into programming after several years of not really doing anything with it, infact I just finished my Chip8 emulation core as a warmup

E. Yeah I have played GalCiv2, not a bad game but for some reason it didnt hook me(not sure why now)
A. Definitely! Wow, 20 times, lol... I went through the first one about 3 or 4 times and #2 twice.

I'm right there with ya, can't wait for D3!!! It's gonna be the Hack n Slash we've all come to love, but sooo much better... ALTHOUGH, I am VERY disappointed that Blizzard has refused to spend the money make a 360 degree rotating camera with full 90 degree tilt functionality. Their 'beyond' lame and BS excuse is that, "we want the game to retain it's old school feel", lol. All the hell they'd have to do to satisfy people that want a stiff isometric view is to make it an option, voila. It's obvious to me that they're greedy for money and refuse to spend the money and time to develop a kicka*s camera system (which has been the norm for what, 5 years now). They've got an up to date camera for SC2, whyTH won't they make one for the gorgeous world they're creating for D3???

B. Yeah, they had points at the end of the levels.... and tbh: I wish ID would go back to the idea of 'Episodes'... but I'm sure they won't... ever.

C. It looks fun, I'll definitely pick it up on Ebay when I see it for $20ish.

D. I've never heard of 'rogue-likes'... and yeah, I've tried the DnD thing on paper, and it just wasn't my cup. Programming eh, that's rad: pardon me for not knowing what Chip8 Emulation is, sometihng to do with Commodore or Atari?

E. Man, give it another go... if needbe: make your own custom race, or copy your fav race, and mess with the .xml file by "upping" some of the properties. I 'have' to have my custom race tweaked up, because I play against multiple, 'very' smart AIs and they still give me a hard time. GCIIToA is the only game that's given me the feeling that I am a God overlooking a Civilization in it's entirety, some RTSs have gotten close to that, but nothing like this game. Being in charge of 'taking over the Galaxy' is a reward unto itself.
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