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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
Sorry for being off topic aswell, as far as Doom 4 goes, with the 30/60fps target thing, essentially when you're trying to target 60FPS you're forced to cut stuff out and optimize things to get the performance at a solid 60FPS(ie, they try to optimize every inch of the game so its always hitting the same FPS), obviously thats impossible but they can get something that is reasonably constant.
Lowering the target FPS from 60 to 30fps allows them to essentially have double the amount of stuff on the screen at any one time, then what they could at 60fps.
Now assuming Rage has been in development for alot longer then any Doom 4 development, Rage should hit stores a year or 2 ahead of Doom 4, so its reasonable to say Doom 4 will look 3 times as good as Rage(which I assume is targeting 60fps).
As for not being called Doom 4 or being a sequel of Doom 3, that also can make sense, Doom 3 was kind of a reimagining of Doom 1s storyline, so Doom 4 could continue on from Doom 2, and be more oldschool then Doom 3 was.
And to get away from being called, Doom 4, they could easily introduce a subtitle instead, like "Doom: The gates of hell" or something corny like that...
Thats my thoughts on the subject anyway
Cool beans, I understand now what the target frame rate means. I still disagree though that just because they're only going to have to have a framerate that's 30 fps less than 60, it doesn't necessarily mean that the game is going to look "3x as good", lol... imo anyway... this is obviously subjective.

On one hand, does it mean that 30 extra fps nets the makers of Doom 4 to have 3x as many models on screen as Rage? or Does it mean that there can be 3x the amount of shaders/effects present on screen at once? or That the textures can be twice or 3x as high quality as Rage? I really appreciate you explaining it in laymens terms, but I'd like to know how this "3x better" is going to be qualified is all.

Also, since they're goint to target (what imo is the 'lowest' a framerate can go for a game to still feel solid, with V-Sync on mind you) 30 fps: does anyone think ID is going to ensure that IDTech 5 does its own Triple Buffering or allow drivers to force it in order to aid the effects of using V-Sync that is?...

Hell, I say call it Doom 4 Hell on Earth and recreate part 2 with all the possibilities that the new Tech is going to open up. Have 30+ badguys on the screen at once, MASSIVE amounts of blood, bring back EXPLODING OF BODIES for christ sake, no idea why this was done away with.

I'm going through Return to Castle Wolfenstein right now, and guess what ID, the bodies EXPLODE... wtFingf! Bring that back!! Half Life had exploding bodies, lol... christ, come to think of it, Valve did away with the exploding bodies in part 2. Quake 1 and 2 had exploding bodies, and RTCW is IDTech 3 and it has them. wth

Anyone know whyTH these Devs did away with blowing bodies up???? It's an epic aspect of true carnage!
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