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Default Re: New MSI GTX 260 Review

I'd rather pay a bit extra and get the GTX 275... so I did.

Here is a PNY one for $194.99 after rebate

A Sparkle one for $194.99

Or the EVGA one for $199 after rebate that people have reported getting and it's already overclocked to
Core Clock: 648 Mhz (v.s. 633 Mhz standard)
Shader Clock: 1458 Mhz (v.s. 1404 Mhz standard)
Memory Clock: 2376 Mhz (v.s. 2268 Mhz standard)
thus equaling their Superclocked model which costs about $27 more

I got that EVGA one and easily overclocked it to the speed of their FTW card
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