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Default Re: Issues with Dual Screen on Thinkpad W700ds & Linux

Originally Posted by adamk75 View Post
That's why AaronP first asked you to read the sticky thread about reporting problems... If you had read that, you would have seen:
I wil just say this ONE MORE TIME and then I'll simply stop responding to posts from people who are obviously not interested in helping me, but just want to "put me through the paces":
I am not an NVIDIA Developer, heck right now I don't even work on Linux development at all.
I have 1000+1 other stuff going on in my life, each and every one far more important than to low a res on my secondary Display.
You folks in here might all be the Devil's own when it comes to developing NVIDIA code and you might know each and every little detail about how to retrieve which kind of info from NVIDIA hardware.
And I'll be damned before I start neglecting the really important stuff in my life, just to end up surfing through each and every sticky post on forums like NVIDIA.

If you think its supposed to be some "right of passage" for a help seeker like me to find out about e.g. "" on our own, then all I can say is that this must not be the right forum for end users like me!
What a demand, to aks for someone to simply state "run and post the result in here" from the get go, rather than telling me off with "go and read all the sticky posts about how to post in here"....

And that's the last I'll say about this topic - because I do have more important things to worry about.
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