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Default Re: Please make >71.86.07 compatible with xorg-server 1.5.x

Porting the 71.86.* driver isn't exactly a linear time comparison to the 96.43.* as it has been done before. I am sure there is a fair amount of code that is shared between the two drivers. That is unless the driver was rewritten between that time which well I'm like very confident that did not happen because I used all of the drivers between 71.86.* to 96.43.*. Features were added such as the newer X acceleration so that Xrender was smooth which is named nvidia acceleration.

So I give some slack in the sense that the exa hooks were added to the driver to make the X desktop experience better. The 71.86.* behaves exactly like the X11 drivers that use the XAA acceleration. That gives me a really big hint on your driver design.

It also seems that your team is currently spending most of their time on getting the openCL driver ready for public consumption. That appears to be a very big deal at nvidia. Seeing as that is on the software side of things that includes the nvidia linux team.
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