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Default Re: LucasArts Reviving Another Old Franchise?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Don't me wrong... The Dig, The Last Crusade and The Fate of Atlantis are some of the greatest adventure games of all time (and I've heard great things about Loom) but the rest of the games don't really do anything for me.

I played Republic Commando and it seemed like a generic sci-fi shooter to me.

Battlefront II had the potential to be awesome, but the game's low budget feel left a lot to be desired.

Lucas has made far better games than most of these, so I'm hoping that they release them in a timely manner. My guess is that they'll put some out every few weeks or months to keep people buying. If they released their whole catalogue at once their most popular games would sell and the less popular ones wouldn't.
Loom is aweome, if a little depressing. Probably the darkest LA adventure game. Great system for casting spells too.
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