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Default Re: Capcom Reviving 'Onimusha' Series

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
I remember there was a big deal when Final Fantasy took 4 or 5 years for a new installment too.

Still, I think everyone is milking everything now-a-days, sadly.
uh if ur expecting dev times to be getting shorter think again. and i don't know what you 2 are talking about with the japanese shotguning milk at our heads. that's a worldwide phenomenon, and their world-wide release products (not talking about Super-Hot-Fun-Wacky-Rorathon-Sing-Tonight-Now-For-Best-Times! and sequels) are historically of dispraportionately AAA quality. That's if you discount SEGA's releases since 2001. RE5 took like what, 4 years of development? Next sequel we may see in 8 years? How long was DMC4 in development taking into account Framework 1.0 dev. time. They're not milking anything. Everything the Japanese touch turns to gold.

and how old are you that you say, "now-adays". heck what, you mean you've uncovered a long-term trend from a 3 year archive record examination? they need you on 20-20 stat.
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