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Default Re: call for testers: disper -- on-the-fly display switching

@wvengen: "Note that detection of the current state only works for internal display only, so it won't work to toggle between two external displays"

Ok, I can't test this script out in this context myself because all I have here is a laptop with one external.

I'm actually having another serious problem with getting this to work with the laptop Fn button. I think what's happening is, when this script is called by the acpi event handler, that user (root?) can't see the display. So the nvidia-settings --query is failing with a non-zero exit code and no output for TwinView status.

The upshot of this is I can use disper-toggle just fine when I type it into a shell as myself, but the fancy laptop button, nope. :/

Anyone here have an idea of how to fix that?

Or actually it would be great to not have to use nvidia-settings at all to fiugure out the state. I can't think of another way yet but will keep at it. As wvengen said in bug tracking: may be hard.
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