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Default should I get Crysis and/or warhead?

Sorry for the slightly indulgent thread...

So I've never bought played crysis or warhead except for the original demo. Back then I had an 8800GTX and when I played the demo I realised that it wasn't really that great with no AA at 15-25fps. So I decided not to buy it.

Step forward 2 years or so and I now have a GTX295. I think I'm ready to give crysis a go. but should I get warhead or the original?

will I be able to get a constant 30+ fps in Crysis with 4xAA?

I totally missed the boat with crysis tweaking, can anyone recommend a config/mod/settings that give a significant boost in FPS without too much degredation of image quality.

I just finnished Stalker CS on some pretty high settings and I'm a bit sick of the slow downs and jerkiness in busy areas.

will I be able to do crysis without these bothers?

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