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Default Re: Jaunty + 2.6.30rc[4,5,6] = very slow Compiz

Works fine here on 2.6.30 :-). Thanks!
Do you know when this fix will make it to an official (beta/pre)release? Because the packages available on Launchpad in a PPA are built automatically for each kernel, and thus is is easier to switch between kernels. (If I understand correctly, the .run packages from nVidia can only be installed for one kernel at a time.)
follow zander's suggestion.:
locate nvidia.ko

One drawback though, you can install only one version of nvidia driver, so upgrade will require reinstallation on all kernels, however because this is done for offline kernels, to install drivers, you don't need to reboot to each kerel for installation (in fact this would not work at all)

I am using this mthod for long time and it works without any problems.
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