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Default Re: should I get Crysis and/or warhead?

Crysis Day 1 Report:

Decided to give it a go at all VERY HIGH @ 1920x1200. No AA.

hmmm, a bit disapoionting I new it would be tough on the GTX295 but not this tough! played through the first level that I played in the demo all those years ago. Decided to do a bit of tweaking at the start of the second level and I realised I had PhysX enabled in the drivers! YES! Plays much better now. reasonabley smooth. still a bit of slow down but I can handle it.

Graphics aren't so ground breaking these days. Yes they are good, but coming from just playing Stalker Clear sky the first thing I noticed was the very low res textures on some surfaces. very dodgey and makes the game seem a bit old. Stalkers textures are brilliant compared to crysis.

pretty fun game, not so much quicksave -die - reload like stalker CS. Infact I think I only died twice in the whole game so far, on normal difficulty.

Tonight I plan to find out what's killing all these Koreans!

p.s. is there a CVAR to turn make the koreans speak Korean? the english is totally lame.

EDIT: is "edge smoothing" enabled by default if I have AA set to "none"?
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