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Default Re: 9400GT or 8400GS PCI for vdpau (xbmc)

Originally Posted by thefirstm View Post
Does PCI have enough bandwidth to transfer HD video over it? In the past, I have had trouble playing regular SD DVD video (720x480) on a system with the PCI video card. I had to tell the owner to get an AGP card.

Wait, do you mean PCIE? If so, that is a different story.
Nope I don't mean PCI-e, I mean PCI, old school 2.1 interface. I've never used a PCI card before but as far as I can tell (googling) the 8400GS and the 9400GT PCI cards should be able to playback h.264 hd, even 1080p.

I may be wrong though. Would be good to get some opinions before I shell out.
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