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Default Re: OMG! Vista 32-bit key = 64-bit key?

Originally Posted by RaidenWoW View Post
Some guy on the forums said,

Can I technically change my 32-bit Windows Vista OEM machine into a 64-bit one without having to buy a Windows Vista 64-bit copy?

I've always thought that I would have to buy another Windows version to get myself into 64-bit (just like in winXP).

Edit: after googling (which I should have done in the first place), the aforementioned is true! HUZZAH!! HERE I COME 4GB OF RAM!
Yea, all you had to do is read through this subforum and you would have found that out about 2 years ago now...


Be careful with OEM installs though. Did you buy the OEM or was it given to you by a company (ie Dell or HP or whoever built the system). With XP I remember there were vendor specific OEM keys that didn't work with regular XP install discs.

I don't think this is the case with Vista. Won't know until you try it out though...
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