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Default NVidia ION and hdmi sound

I have my ION running Ubuntu 9.04 connected directly to my Sony Bravia KDL40Z4100 TV with HDMI. From my TV I connected the optical out to my Denon receiver. My Denon is older and does not have HDMI inputs. When I play any music or any video that is stereo I have no problems with sound on my TV or the Denon. When I play DD or DTS my TV sound is all static/white noise, but my Denon plays the audio fine in surround sound. In the past when I used my desktop machine with a Asus EN9500GT with HDMI my TV would play the stereo and DD stuff and there would be no sound on the TV for DTS, my sony downmixes the DD to stereo, and everything still played on the Denon. Now my TV sound for surround stuff regardless of DD or DTS is white noise but my Denon plays everything great, but the sound goes thru the TV.

From my understanding the optical out on the TV is just a passthrough for the sound. The ION must be sending the surround signal in a format my TV does not understand but the Denon does. Its funny though because my TV is 6 months old and the Denon is 8 years old.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I tried the ION on 2 different sony TVs KDL40Z4100 and KDL40W3000 with the same problem. I install Windows XP and setup passthru with MPC and AC3filter and it works just like my desktop machine did with Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance!
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