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Default Re: should I get Crysis and/or warhead?

Originally Posted by Armed_Baboon View Post
Crysis Day 2 Report:

Decided to give dx9 mode a go tonight. seemed to improve framerates, mainly because I went from v.high to high settings I suppose. didn't do any benchmarking.

kept thinking "graphics look a bit messy", so I thought I would see what enabling 4xAA in the ingame browser would do.

Looks WAY better now! can't believe I thought no AA was acceptable. and the frames didn't take a massive hit at all. still quite playable although in some areas some noticable slowdowns occur.

definately a much more enjoyable experience with 4xAA enabled.

Gameplaywise I'm really enjoying it. lots of sneaking and lots of shooting. it really is a classic shooter experience. really enjoyed the harbour level and taking down the choppers is really fun. Alot of people said the gameplay was not so good with crysis but I Think it's fantastic. nice open world, unscripted gameplay that is bug-free (unlike stalker).

been playing for 4 hours so it's time to go to bed.

p.s. girlfriend is complaining that she is a PC game widow.
Yep, agree completely

When I first played it on my 8800GTS, it was definitely slow and limited my gameplay options.

Playing with my 4870, I had a lot more options and it was a hell of a lot more enjoyable

Wait till you get to Warhead, that was definitely fun.
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