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Default Netflix coming to Sony

Some consumers might be happy to hear that Netflix is finally coming to Sony BRAVIA HDTV's in the fall of 2009. Most Sony BRAVIA HDTV televisions made in the last two years will be compatible with new Netflix integration using BRAVIA Internet Video Link, sold separately.

Fans will be disappointed to hear that there is no announcement that Netflix will be coming to PlayStation 3 any time soon, but owners can rejoice that Sony is making headway into Netflix to bring streaming video to some of its products. Currently, Microsoft has an exclusive deal with Netflix to stream TV shows and movies directly to the Xbox 360 console without any additional hardware (U.S. only).

Sony said in a statement that the interface for the Netflix Instant Queue will be similar to what users experience online, only custom made by Sony. The instant queue will require consumers to visit Netflix online from their home computer, set up your Netflix Instant Queue with movies or TV shows, then you can select Netflix from your TV's crossmedia bar, providing you with access to your Netflix Instant Queue.

Sony BRAVIA HDTV's were the second most popular on the market in the U.S. for two years running. Consumers who already have the Internet Video Link already enjoy content from over 25 providers including Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, Sports Illustrated, Sony Pictures, Crackle, Slacker,,,, and Dailymotion.
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