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Default Re: Disappointed with GTX 260 216

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Is it the new 55nm or the old 65 one. I have the 65nm. and I idle a lot higher
for what its worth, with pretty good cooling (2 120mm fans blowing on card, one on top/side fan, one into the intake at the drive bay cage), with 65nm gtx 260 core 216 i idled between 48c and 52-53c depending on the temperature in the room (between 25 and 35c id say). with my 55nm 285 i idle at ~ 41-43c, and with the AC on I've seen it ~ 38c. That's with stock cooling at 52% fan speed. It also seems quieter than the gtx 260. gaming it never breaks 72-73c, (at max fan speed of ~80% after it breaks 74, at 72 it stays between 55 and 70, somewhere around there), even in torture test furmark @ 702/1592/2700. gtx 260 core 216 struggled to stay lower than 74-75 at ~100% fan speed in furmak 1.6.
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