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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!


Just for those who are curious, here are some corrections, observations
and additional information:

1. The maths in my previous mail has been wrong: since there are two
DVI outputs running at 5040x1050, the required bandwidth is 2*2.23GB/sec,
resulting in 4.46 GB/sec, which is pretty close to the theoretical maximum
of 5.16GB/sec at 100MHz memory clock. So it's actually no wonder that there
is screen blanking at that speed with a 5040x2100 resolution. In this context:
I needed to set the memory clock to 500MHz in order to get rid of any blanking.

2. I switched from VMWare to VirtualBox: with the guest tools installed, the
latest release includes experimental DirectX 9 support and I successfully
tried out UT2004 on a virtual Windows XP installation. With the DeathMatch
"Antalus" map, there are only 15-25 FPS (@800x600) - not really well playable,
yet, but at least that's a beginning :-) BTW: the "Onslaught" game mode
doesn't work: VirtualBox crashes when the match is about to begin.
BTW: the guest tools of VirtualBox allows dynamic resizing, means: when
maximizing the VirtualBox window, then the guest OS inside will auto-resize
it's desktop, too. In my case, that means the virtual Windows XP can easily
run at a resolution of 5032x2022 pixels.

3. For those who might need it, here's the modeline for 3x1024x768 (3072x768):
ModeLine  "3072x768"  195.00 3072 3144 3384 4032  768  771  780  806 +HSync +VSync
4. Matrox now officially supports Linux "for tested versions of leading Linux
distributions". See "Specifications" at
However, there is still only one TH2G per PC supported.


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