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Default Re: Command & Conquer 4 Development Confirmed By EA UK

I loved C&C3, though that said ive never been really into RTS games in general(been a shooter fan since doom), so I never played C&C1(well, I might have played a demo way back), RA3, well, I never got into RA1 or 2, so RA3 didnt interest me, and interested me even less when I saw things like armoured bears running around....I mean come on...
Though I did buy it and played it a bit, my favourite was the japan army(rising sun was it?), with the jetpack guys, I would build up a mass of those guys and rape my opponents base from behind.
Also, I dont like sea battles, I really hate it.

With that said, C&C4 looks cool, but I am also eagerly awaiting SC2 like everyone else, was a big fan of ghosts back when I still played the first one
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