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Default Getting an error about OpenAL when trying to run Grid?

I was on steam and I noticed that Grid was half off, and I remember I have this game. I looked and I found it. And I decided to install it on my XP drive, cause the vista drive was runniong out of space, and the game is DX9. Anyways, it installs. And then I get an error about a missing openal32.dll. So I went to and downloaded it, and put one in the system folder, and one in the system32 folder (Wasn't sure where to but it).

So after that, I go back to my shortcut, and try and open it again. Now a new error. This one says:
GRID.exe - Entry Point Not Found
(A Big X) "The procedure entry point alcIsExtensionPresent could not be located in the dynamic library OpenAL32.dll"

I looked it up but there wasn't much Help. Any one what I should do?
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