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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce 9800 GTX" thread

As luck would have it my girlfriend kicked me out of here house, and she kept the computer that she never uses. Just a basic Dell blah blah whatever xps system. It worked.

So I move in with a buddy for a whopping cheap amount a month here in San Diego, where median rent is arounf 1500 a month, and he lets me borrow his computer with a 7950gt in it. It too worked. Aion has been a struggle though.

So, about a week later he gets a hankerin for a new card to replace his 9800 gtx so he buys a gtx260 and gives me his 9800gtx for free and sells me the whole rig for 300 bucks. I am so stoked. Now to have some fun!

It came stock at 756rop/1890shader/1152 memory. From what I have ready, better than most, less than others. But hey, FREE BABY!

I immediately grabbed some new beta nvid drivers, RivaTuner and nHancer, and went to work tinkering with my new toy.
Before my benchmark began tearing to pieces, I got her up to a very cool and very stable

Core Clock: 837MHz (from 756MHz)
Shader Clock: 1944MHz (from 1890MHz)
Memory Clock: 1215MHz (from 1152MHz)

She's doing a benchmark as I type this and for past 12 minutes been at 118 F. Think I should try to take it further? I have seen memory clocks at like 2300. How the heck do I get that high? Is it a different memory chip?
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