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Default Re: Top 5 things you'd love to see in Windows 7

Yeh vin, of course you can use other programs to do these things... why though when you're already paying a microsoft alot of money for the operating system.

seriously think of the amount of money you'e paid for your various windows installs over the years, and they're ALL lacking, i'm talking about making windows a product people WANT to buy and aren't backed into buying because it's the only decent gaming platform... why can't it be good and 'required'.... it's only just required for most ****.

also, on copy protection. there is nothing illegal about ripping and mounting YOUR OWN image files that you have bought. it's illegal to sell and redistribute but seriously. I have another hard drive with all my game cds so taht when I frequently reinstall I can have them all ready without having to go searching.... now wouldn't that be useful if everytime i had to reinstall windows i didn't have to install something like alcohol 120.... which doesn't work in windows 7 yet that I know of.

you see my point? for someone who does alot of reinstalls, these 'small' apps are still a huge pain in the ass because of the fact that everyone needs them.
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