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Default Re: Top 5 things you'd love to see in Windows 7

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
1. Virtual Drive mounting .... why isn't this included? it's super useful... I like to create .iso images of all my games so that I can load them without farting around with finding CDs.... yes they're legit cds too.

2. Native .rar support. Come on now... you all have to admit that it's horribly inconvenient to grab a seperate program (winrar) to open up .rar files... the built in unzipper is a joke these days.

3. Virtual Desktops - Anyone that uses a linux system knows how valuable these are... I know there's mods out there to do that to your windows desktop but FFS build it in.

4. Built in SSH and SFTP support - Once again, linux users know how frustrating it is to go from a linux shell to a windows one and have to get putty / psftp to be able to do things that are built into free operating systems... (Yes, they're both free too... but why can't
I agree with 2 and 4, they are things that are pretty crucial when working on windows. At the very least there should be .rar support.

The other two things, while useful, probably would be better off being part of a 3rd party application... though I'm not too sure about Virtual desktops. I personally don't use them at all... not even while on Linux.

As for me, i would like to see:
- A good disk defrag utility.
- More UI customizable options (haven't really checked out Win7 to be honest)
- Snappy boot time
- Less predefined folders in Documents (I never use Pictures, Videos, etc etc folders. They annoy the fack out of me)
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