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Default Dead Island still alive!

Reading only negative things about pc-gaming and the lack of news regarding this title made me worried that Dead Island had been cancelled. Googled it and found these good news at

Dated: July 2nd 2009

"Unfortunately, the game's website tells us little to nothing about the game's current status. So, we emailed Techland this afternoon and Krakowiak told us, "As far as Dead Island goes, nothing has changed regarding our media silence .... the game's worldwide publisher is still waiting for their best moment to strike and reveal the awesome stuff we're preparing for zombie fans and gamers." He also confirmed to us the game's still in-development status, saying, "The game's still alive (or better yet, still Dead) and doing great."

Puh, there you have it people. You can stop worrying because our favourite developer from Poland is still kicking zombie ass
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