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From the system in my signature. With Vista 64, this system is rated at the very top (5588) of the Passmark system benchmark scores... about 800 points higher than the second highest system.

Incidently, to get to 7.9 on the disk subscore of Windows 7 WEI required FOUR 3rd generation SSD drives in RAID0:

two SSD: 7.4
three SSD: 7.7
four SSD: 7.9

Also the Atlas SAS drives I'm using for Vista are among the fastest conventional hard drives in the world, and the SAS max throughput (600 MB/s) is twice as fast as SATA II. HDTUNE measures sequential reads of this dual SAS RAID at a very impressive 275 MB/s and 5 ms seek times. Yet it only scores 6.4 on the Windows 7 WEI. In contrast, my four SATA SSD RAID measures about 750 MB/s and 0.2 ms seek times. This pretty much tells me that it's not possible to get into the 7's with conventional hard drives.


Windows 7 64 Build 7264
3.2 GHz Intel core i7 965EE CPU (OC'd to 4.2 GHz)
Asus P6T Deluxe Motherboard
12 GB Triple Channel DDR3-1600 Patriot Memory (OC'd to 1866)
4x Patriot Warp v3 256 GB SSD drives in RAID0 configuration (Boot for Windows 7)
2x Diamond Viper ATI HD4870 X2 video cards in CrossFireX configuration
2x Maxtor 147 GB Atlas SAS drives (15K RPM) in RAID0 configuration (Boot for Vista 64)
2x Dell 3007WFP 30 inch monitors (2560x1600)

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