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Default Re: Top 5 things you'd love to see in Windows 7

Originally Posted by Tuork View Post
As for me, i would like to see:
- A good disk defrag utility.
- More UI customizable options (haven't really checked out Win7 to be honest)
- Snappy boot time
- Less predefined folders in Documents (I never use Pictures, Videos, etc etc folders. They annoy the fack out of me)
I think these are legitimate requests for the next Windows. I stand by my previous statement about WinRAR though.

Originally Posted by RaidenWoW View Post
I have to winrar things all the time into separate file sizes and send them via email to my work colleagues and hope they have winrar.

A bunch of my powerpoint presentations surpass the 24mb gmail limit.
Sounds like your use of WinRAR stems from the gmail limitation...
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