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Default Any software to locate memory leak?

I've been having issues with a Vista memory leak on one of my machines for awhile now. Every couple days I reboot it to release the memory. Its gotten more and more frequent that the PC has all 8GB used and the PC becomes sluggish. I'm running Norton AV 2009 and scan with Malwarebytes, everything is clean. Startup apps really haven't changed I run Newsbin on every startup set to watch a hot folder for nzbs. Trillian and no-ip are really the only other startup apps I have on there that run 24/7.

This has been going on forever though - before I've used Norton and had Newsbin setup to start on Windows start. Recently I setup a COD4 server for the guys from work and myself to play at night. Task manager doesn't show anything eating up ram even though I'm showing 7 or 8 GB all used. I've disabled most the services I don't need to have running, the PC runs pretty lean except for the few apps I've mentioned... oh once the memory utilization climbs up there I can shutdown all apps I'm using even those mentioned and it will not drop. On a clean boot up I'm about 1.2GB ram in use.

Intel Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz
8GB DDR2 1000
Asus P5K-E
320GB Seagate, 400GB Seagate, 500WD (all SATA)
8800GTS 320 (latest drivers)

So I'm looking for an application that can detect if there is an application leaking memory. Anyone know of anything?

My other PCs are all running Windows 7 already and none of them have an issue, it's just this one machine. Even when those had Vista on them they never had this problem either though.
i7-2600k @ 4.6Ghz, Zotac GTX 680 (1310/7000), 16GB DDR3 1600, 2 x 1TB Samsung F3 RAID 0, Windows 7 x64, CPU and GPU custom watercooled

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