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Default Re: 2 HD I want to install OS on one drive and everything alse on the other !!!!

Originally Posted by muelo1000 View Post
I have 2 HD 160G,500G i want o install my OS on the 160 and install Apps and games on the 500G just as if i had a extension to the drive ....I think. The hole purpose behind is so i can keep the OS running clean.......... i guess same idea that you would use with a solid state drive were people install the OS on the solid state drive and every thing else on the other drive, but i don't want it to be scatter i try to do it but for some reason every thin was scatter were all the folders were like if i was sending it to a external HD for storage i would like to keep it clean just as when you go to computer the program file so on and so on i guess like a tree as if you install everything on one drive

You can mount your 500GB drive as a folder in your other drive. So you could mount a part of the 500GB drive as a folder like "Games" or "Programs" or something in the C drive and then mount another partition as another folder in the drive as well like "Documents" or "Media" or something.

Is that what you want?

To do that, go to:
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management

Then right-click on the drive icon (bottom middle) and select the Change Drive Letter (or something like that). Then set it to mount inside another drive and select where you want to mount it.
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