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Default Re: MechWarrior 5 in Development?!

The teamwork video is awesome especially for the music

and that Atlas pilot is a complete n00b! he kept missing like 90% of his shots! wtf?
generally though, the Gladiator is one of the most effective/powerful mechs in MW4 (loadout, heat, jump jets.. etc)
and one more thing to note .. the Fafnir can be an easy target due to its huge size and weak center torso .. a well aimed salvo and some PPC/Laser shots on its center torso can ensure a quick kill. Thats why its good to have it protected by some med-heavy mechs IMO.

On a quick look people might think these matches are just straightforward where heavier mechs win, which is completely not true. They actually involve so many factors such as: weapon usage priorities and management (as in which weapon to use and when), the critical usage of alpha-strike, good aiming and prioritizing mech body parts (which also involves experience in the weak parts of each mech.. just like i mentioned about the Fafnir above), managing heat, use of jumpjets, customizing the loadouts, mech configs/mods that are managed prior to game-start (includes speed-to-weight ratio, heat management, ammo, installed devices such as enhanced optics, radar jammer..etc), and also taking advantage of the climate changes for maps where matches take place (desert areas produce more heat problems, snow= less heat and thus ability to use high energy weapons such large lasers and PPC's) name some factors.

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