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Default Re: Your favorite game engines?

Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
What are your favorite game engines in order? I like all these game engines, so it was hard to pick an order, but for me I think it goes:

1. CryENGINE 2
2. Chrome4
3. Tie between Infernal Engine and Gamebryo and Jupiter EX
4. Tie between Unreal Engine 3 and Source

I can't gauge ID Tech 5 since we haven't seen anything yet
Tech5 I have big hopes with for Doom4, much less so with Rage (wtf is this "it will look the same across all platforms" thing... its targeted for 60fps on consoles, so PC users are absolutely going to get the shaft with asset quality).

I agree with the list, except, I would personally rate UE3 below Source. I think it is one of the big dissaointments of 2006-09.

And I think that a reasonable bet would be to put CryEngine 3 at the top of the list. They've implemented a more complete GI solution, including significantly less artifacty SSAO, indirect lighting w/color bleed. I'm sure the code has been cleaned up further as well.

So my amended list is:

1.CryEngine 3
2.CryEngine 2
3.Chrome 4
4.MT Framework 2.0

MT Framework IMO is without a doubt more capable than source, and just as optimized. It actually has a similar look. I believe that if a MT Framework 2.0 PC-only game was made, it would blow everything but Crysis (and maybe even that) straight out of the water. Capcom did an amazing job with it, especially considering it is mostly the same engine that produced wonderful looking titles like Lost Planet on PC in 2006.

What games are on the infernal engine? Also, I absolutely hated what they did with Fear 2 in terms of graphics. Removing dynamic global shadowing was a big mistake. So it is difficult to judge for me. I would therefore put Jupiter EX somewhere at the level of Source if I had to take a guess. Maybe half a grade above (provided it still has all of the capabilities of the Fear 1 engine).

I also think the Grid, and to a larger extent the Dirt II engines are absolutely top notch. I would rate them somewhere at ~ 3-4 on the list, but it is quite difficult to tell how versatile they are.
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