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Default Re: 2K gets help from Arkane for Bioshock 2

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Arx Fatalis was a game I looked at on GOG several times and almost bought... I was worried it was pure combat though. Is it not? Seemed like a 100% dungeon crawler... I like a little story, town exploration and such in my RPGs.
Yeah there is a LOT of exploration and non-combat.

The game is all based under ground but there is a human town with a large castle, and a separate human fort with a near by tavern. I think there are a couple other human "settlements" later in the game too.

Some of the most interesting areas are the non-human settlements, like the goblin castle that will be either friendly or hostile depending on what you do there, the troll village, or the snake-womans' temple.

My favorite is the home of a troll named Grue. He doesn't get along with the other trolls so he's all alone in some awesome looking cave with a waterfall. But he's lonely and wants you as a friend... which means he asks you to bring him a bunch of stuff any time he needs something.

They did a great job giving the goblin and troll voices a lot of character, even if the humans can be a bit stiff at times. I really like the comments that enemies make in battle. Like when you bash a goblin and almost kill him he'll drop his weapon and run away screaming "NOT KILL ME!!!!!!" because they aren't very bright. All of their notes to each other are misspelled too.

I highly highly recommend playing this game.

EDIT: Bah...

Apparently Arx is yet another great game that has lots of problems on newer systems (and Vista). My framerate is pretty much halved any time there is a lot of text on the screen, and the effect is 100x worse at resolutions over 1024x768. I've tried everything to fix it and nothing seems to work. The game uses .ttf fonts so I'm guessing it has something to do with the way the game attempts to scale fonts and the way Vista displays them. Disabling clear type, changing the vista performance settings all to best performance, setting affinity to 1 core, changing vsync, triple buffering, anti aliasing, all compatibility modes, even safe mode... no change in the performance drop from text being on-screen.

I might have to put this on another system to replay it. I was really hoping I'd be able to play it at 2048x1536 with AA and AF at smooth framerates.
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