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Default Re: WZOR reports 6.1.7600.16384.win7_rtm.090710-1945

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
July 12, 2009
Is Windows 7 finished? Apparently not
Among Windows fans, here's how much anticipation there is for the completion of Windows 7: There's actually a Web site called Has Windows 7 RTMed?

Today, the message at the site was changed to YES!, with a build number: 7600.16384.090710-1945.

Long Zheng, a respected Windows blogger in Australia who operates the site, posted to Twitter today that he believes Windows 7 has been completed and released to manufacturing. But he may have spoken too soon.

A Microsoft spokesman told me this afternoon that no, a final build has not been declared for Windows 7, and it has not been released to manufacturing.

Formally, all Microsoft is saying is that Windows 7 will RTM sometime this month.

There is, however, a build with this number on it making its way through the torrents.

MS isn't going to give any indication that it's done, so obviously they are going to say no even if it is. I believe this is RTM. Keep in mind Server 2008 RTM build is also 7600.
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