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Default Re: Metal Gear Solid: Rising (PC, PS3, RRoD_Box)

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
He was banned because he constantly insulted and called other members names. He degraded every thread into a console vs pc thread aswell.

As for the game, Im still betting it will have alot less stealth then were use to in a MGS game.
I hope it doesn't turn into an fps or anything like that. Raiden's a great lead character for me. I had no problem playing as him in MGS2. The fact the main man's forsaking this title for the PSP is just...ugh

this is clearly the result of Konami saying, hey your team owes us a game and we want it to be multi platform and more accessible to the casual gamer, so put this out, and the man says, yeah yeah and gives it to the b team.
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