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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 260 or 280" thread

Well I finally got a chance to play a few games on my new 260GTX. Although it's not a HUGE boost in performance compared to my 8800GT, it does make my games a lot smoother.

For Crysis Warhead, I was able to run the game in "Gamer" around 30FPS avg with 2xAA; it still had some spots where it would creep down to 12-14FPS in wide open areas. I tried cranking down the shadows, water and particle effects, but it did not effect the framerate. Then I remembered . . . I can run this in DX9! After I made the -DX9 change in the shortcut, this made all the different in the world. Now I'm able to run everything on "Gamer" with 35-40FPS average, sometimes dipping down into the high 20's for minimum. Not bad!

I also tried GTA4; it's finally smooth with everything turned on or turned on high. FRAPS does say that the framerate dips down into the 30's at some times, but it's still smooth in my eyes.

Finally, L4D. The 8800GT was running this game pretty smoothly with everything turned up and 2XAA/AF. Now I'm doing the same thing with 8XAA/AF. I haven't tried 16XAA/AF . . . but the Source engine is so gorgeous anyway, I dunno what difference it would make.

One of the main reason I got a new video card was because of temps. I played GTA4 for a straight hour yesterday and guess what? It only hit 60C! My 8800GT would almost idle at this temp. Freakin awesome.

The noise of this card is about the game as my 8800GT so I'm cool with that.

Really glad that I upgraded. For $160 even, my games are a lot smoother now, especially Crysis and GTA4.
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