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Default Re: Some bad news, About Win7 Upgrade

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
btw the Microsoft store says you can do a clean install without having to have an OS on there?

does this mean you still need windows vista first?
Yes you still need to have an activated version of Windows. In-place installs can only be performed if you upgrade from a version of vista to a compatible version of Win7 (ie Vista Ultimate to Win7 Ultimate). If the versions do not match, then you need to do a clean install, but the activated version of Windows (vista or XP) is still required to perform the upgrade.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I was under the impression that it checks to see if you have an active OS installed and once confirmed it will format and install Windows 7.
Correct. The "in-place" upgrade, which leaves your programs and files in place can only be performed for the following combinations:

Windows Vista Home Premium -> Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows Vista Business -> Windows 7 Professional
Windows Vista Ultimate -> Windows 7 Ultimate

This is taken from MS's Win 7 Upgrade site:

If you are not going in this order (for example, I am going from Vista Ultimate to Win7 HP), then you have to do a clean install. It will place your old install in a Windows.Old folder and install Windows 7 fresh.
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