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Default Re: Top 5 things you'd love to see in Windows 7

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
So... to the person who mentiond they wouldn't support .rar because there's no profit because they'd have to license it... how about just support to READ them... or hell, make a .zip file able to be compressed into abritary installments (like .rar files) and also to rework the compression algorithm to make it more effecient both on space and compression time (.rar by far beats .zip files currently)


... it sure is a crazy thought though that microsoft would do something purely because PAYING customers wish for it to be included.... free distributions of operating systems have it added simply because people get tired of not having it.
Wow, have you been reading at all or just marching through this thread with blinders on?

READ/WRITE/CREATE/ENCRYPT/DECRYPT IT DOESN'T MATTER. MS would still have to pay royalties to the owner of the compression, RARLabs.

Also... is there anything particularly illegal about being able to backup and mount a drive image (.iso) ? I'm pretty sure something as open-ended as that wouldn't land microsoft in trouble... It's ridiculously useful for system administrators to be able to create their own external hard-drive of cds in .iso formats to go to new machines that were just re-imaged so that they can be loaded with all the software they need... yes there's other ways to do it but really these are all super useful things that microsoft ignores.
I didn't say MS would get in trouble for the .iso's. I said you would for circumventing DRM, which is illegal as per the DMCA. It doesn't matter if you own the game or not, it is illegal to circumvent DRM. But if MS created tools to circumvent DRM (ironic, since they are such a big backer of DRM, MS would never do it) then they could get in trouble too.

just today i was at my friends on his macbook pro.... pull up the terminal and type ssh <username>@<server> and connect to my school to load up a program.... on my new netbook i had to go and grab putty, and also go out and grab xming and xming fonts just to be able to do the same thing.... see my point? (NO this isn't a mac vs windows thread.... i hate macs but the fact that their origins are in the UNIX world is useful)
Then run linux 24/7 and use windows for gaming...
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