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Default Re: Some bad news, About Win7 Upgrade

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
But from what i understand once you perform the upgrade your previous versions of Vista key becomes deactivate and you cannot use the key that means you cannot use it and if you have to reinstall, how would you do it? since you cannot install vista and activate it, let alone the inconvenience of doing that and time consumption
It does not deactivate the key through MS. The only reason they say this is because you're not supposed to use the older OS since the upgrade is in essence supposed to be used with the old OS and you can only run each copy on one machine as per the EULA.

To be honest, you could install the old OS on another machine. I doubt they will deactivate keys because that would cause problems like you said.

at this point i will wait until around end of September if they have not changed it will cancel and then wait a while and order an OEM full install of windows 7 when I get a new machine, this way too much of a pain in the ass
I really don't see how it's such a PITA. The only new thing is that the OS you upgrade from needs to be activated. Thank the pirates if you want to thank anyone for this.
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