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Default Re: Some bad news, About Win7 Upgrade

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
It does not deactivate the key through MS. The only reason they say this is because you're not supposed to use the older OS since the upgrade is in essence supposed to be used with the old OS and you can only run each copy on one machine as per the EULA.

To be honest, you could install the old OS on another machine. I doubt they will deactivate keys because that would cause problems like you said.
not according to maximum pc with XP you were able to do that on honor system not with Vista


What Happens to my old CD Key for Windows XP or Vista? Can I use it Somewhere Else?

Based on the terms as they are laid out in the EULA, no. Users who buy and install Windows 7 using the upgrade media should expect to lose access to the product key from their previous OS. While technically this has always been true with Windows upgrades, before XP, this worked on the honor system. With the debuted of product activations in XP, it is now a simple matter for Microsoft to enforce. During a Vista upgrade, the installer would collect your old product key, and send off a cancellation request to the activation server. Simply put, don’t bother upgrading a version of Windows that you will ever need to install somewhere else in the future (this includes dual boots). If you are hoping to make a multi-boot system, you will need to buy the full retail version of Windows 7, or find another spare copy to sacrifice to Redmond.
Maybe I am reading this wrong, but it sounds like they are going to deactivate the Vista key once you upgrade? which would make sense..and then you cannot use install on another machine correct? so then we go into a circle? If i ever need to reinstall how do I do that? In vista how do you activate it?

I just do not understand why Microsoft does not make this painless...people are going to pirate this either way...and this method is just going to encourage people to do it even more now
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