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Default Re: Some bad news, About Win7 Upgrade

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
I agree you should not be able to keep both OS, i think the problem is how do you reinstall if you need to?
It doesn't delete the CD key, it just removes the activation on it. You just need to go through activation twice. Once with Vista or XP, then again with Windows 7.

So you will be able to re-install, but it will be a PITA. Also, as was mentioned, you may be able to use your current Windows 7 activation to perform a new install (if you can use the RC, you should be able to use the upgrade version). In other words, you have Vista installed, then install Windows 7, then if you want to do a fresh install it may be able to use the activated Windows 7 to do a clean install.

I bet the only problems will arise with brand new hard drives.
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