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Default Re: Some bad news, About Win7 Upgrade

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I agree with the Vin86, they should 1) allow you to put in the old OS Disc, 2) Then type in it's key and then 3) Check that if it's legit then let you install Win7 with the upgrade. The whole idea that it needs to be installed and activated on a PC is just retarded. It complicates things later for the users rather than making it easier.

Though I disagree that people should lose the installed OS after the upgrade. Maybe an OEM versions of the OS I would agree they lose the right to use the old OS, but if a person bought full retail of Vista or XP then they bought the upgrade version of Win7, they should have every right to use the old Vista or XP OS on any of their own older PCs. MS should be embracing ways to get people to not used warez copies of their OS or other OS alternatives by rewarding them for brand loyalty. That is what an upgrade program should be. Keep using my products and don't switch to a competitor's and I will reward you with a discount on the next version. A system setup where people can use the old software on an older PC helps keep people away from other OS alternatives including warez and it costs MS nothing and gives people a nicer opinion of MS as a company.
I completely agree, BUT when MS has a monopoly on the market, then they know you're not going to a competitor's product
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